Manus McGuire at Limerick University

Manus with Buttons and Bows at the Gathering Festival in Killarney.

Compositions by Manus McGuire

Boys of Bodyke

Bodyke to Baddeck

Genevieve's Waltz

Taylor's Joy

Saffron and Blue

Fort Dunree

Shelly River Waltz

Lupins on Larkhill

Flight of the Falcons

Sunset over Scariff

The Gortcommer Welcome

Howling at the Moon.

Marie Fielding's welcome to County Clare

Willie Jamieson's delight.

Silver Moonlight Waltz

All compositions are available on "Fiddlewings" apart from Genevieves's Waltz and Saffron and Blue which are on "Saffron and Blue", and Taylor's Joy, which is available on "Green Grass Blue Grass"

Silver Moonlight Waltz is not yet recorded.


Three tunes from Buttons and Bows