Brock McGuire band album cover The Return of Spring

Awarded traditional album of the year 2015, The Irish Times Ticket Awards.


"If an adrenaline rush is what you are after, you'll find it on this exuberant collection Green Grass Blue Grass. Virtuosity in full flight"
Irish Times


"Green Grass Blue Grass is a masterpiece" WDCB Public Radio USA.

"Green Grass Blue Grass will be the instrumental album of the year"

Irish Music Magazine

"A massive listening experience"
Cindy Reich, Music Critic, USA

fiddlewings album cover

2006 - Fiddlewings - Manus McGuire

Label: Shelly River Music

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“Fiddlewings exudes class from first to last note played. Variety, virtuosity and vitality are the lasting impressions created by this recording”

--- Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo, New York.

“ When the buyer purchases this album, he or she is getting in on not only a wonderful piece of work, but a musician at the peak of his powers.”

--- Bill Margeson, Irish Music Magazine.

Brock McGuire band album cover

Label: Ferndale Promotions

Buttons and Bows Album Cover

Label: Green Linnet Records

Saffron & Blue Album Cover - manus McGuire

Label: Green Linnet Records

Moving Cloud Album Cover

Label: Green Linnet Records

Hands Across the Water Album Cover

Label: Gael-Linn